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How retail growth is impacting India real estate

Attractive supply and demand fundamentals are re-shaping India’s real estate market. We first recognized this pattern in office buildings. And today, we see similar trends in that country’s mall business.

There are a relatively small number of high-quality, large-scale enclosed malls in India. However, we think there is tremendous demand from Indian customers who want a first-class retail experience and access to global brands.


We’re positioned well to capitalize on this unique opportunity. As the largest owner of office real estate in India, we have an extensive amount of experience in the country. That allows us to execute faster than other firms, and with a much better understanding of the consumer and the marketplace.

Our involvement in retail is a great example of Blackstone’s investment philosophy: We look at the world in a differentiated way, find the right people to execute on our strategy, and then go all in.


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