Portfolio Operations

Leveraging Blackstone’s scale, expertise and network to help strengthen and grow our portfolio companies.

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Scale and Network

Blackstone’s portfolio spans 230+ companies with nearly 700,000 employees around the world. This platform provides us with unique insights, connections, experience, and opportunities across our companies, creating a powerful flywheel effect.

Differentiated Portfolio

Blackstone backs leading, innovative businesses across sectors and geographies, creating a differentiated, supportive, and valuable ecosystem for our leaders across our portfolio. The breadth and quality of our portfolio provides valuable touchpoints, learnings, and business opportunities for our leaders as they grow their businesses.

Exceptional Talent

Blackstone’s Portfolio Operations group — along with our experienced advisor community — is a team of nimble operating executives with expertise across all aspects of an enterprise. As partners to our portfolio companies, we provide both empathy and experience as we help our companies create and accelerate value.


Our team offers Blackstone portfolio companies expertise and support across a wide range of functional areas.

Talent and Leadership

Improving leadership and organizational effectiveness across the investment lifecycle, including building and enhancing high-performance executive teams, boards and executive networks, and aligning organizational structure, compensation and culture with business strategy.

Brand Strategy and Transformation

Offering strategic brand thinking upstream in the sequence of value creation. By defining and clarifying a company’s purpose, valuing its potential, and infusing it into every facet of the company’s experience — the outcome is a more aligned, integrated, aspirational, and ultimately more valuable company.

Data Science

Using advanced analytics and statistical methods to improve how we invest, operate, and build businesses alongside our companies, allowing them to use data as a strategic and operational lever.

Go-to-Market, Sales, and Networks

Supporting and connecting our Chief Revenue Officers as they build their teams and accelerate sales growth. Ensuring practice sharing, operational and commercial synergies among portfolio companies, effective deployment of Blackstone resources and communication with businesses and partners.


Optimizing IT roadmap and business transformation strategies that align to long-term business objectives.

Equity Healthcare

Driving a “managed consumerism” strategy, leveraging scale to provide higher touch, higher quality, more affordable healthcare to US companies and their employees.

Supply Chain and Operational Excellence

Providing experience at scale by helping our companies uncover and deliver step-change improvement in EBITDA through rigorous root cause analysis, operational and transactional process improvement, and disciplined program management of large-scale transformation initiatives.

Spend Management and Procurement

Leveraging our global scale and experience while working alongside our portfolio companies. Through access to our global spend platform, buying power and network of professionals, we are enhancing the procurement process and drive better pricing, terms, and customer service with suppliers.

Environment, Social and Governance

Assisting portfolio companies with understanding and implementing the environmental, social and governance levers that can improve and differentiate their businesses, including energy efficiency, utility cost savings and emissions reduction.

Creating Value Across Our Portfolio

The Blackstone CEO Conference

The Blackstone CEO Conference brings together leaders from across our portfolio for a transformational two-day experience. Our CEOs and guests participate in wide-ranging, authentic conversations about the challenges and opportunities they face every day and leave with actionable insights to take back to their businesses.

Partnering with Twin Health

Our Equity Healthcare team is working to build healthier healthcare for our portfolio company employees. See how they’ve recently partnered with an innovative company, Twin Health, to help with the treatment of diabetes across several of our portfolio companies.

Strengthening Leadership at

We are committing our scale and resources to help transform Ancestry into a digital leader, empowering people around the world to connect with their histories.

News & INsights

Updates from Portfolio Operations

Blackstone’s Approach to Portfolio Talent

Blackstone’s Global Head of Portfolio Talent and Organizational Performance, Courtney della Cava, shares perspectives on the labor market and how Blackstone helps cultivate talent across our portfolio companies.

One-on-One with Jennifer Morgan: Leading Through Transition

Jennifer Morgan, Global Head of Portfolio Operations, discusses what’s on the minds of Blackstone portfolio company CEOs in an uncertain economic environment.

Blackstone Career Pathways

Our program aims to drive economic mobility for diverse and historically underrepresented talent by leveraging Blackstone’s unique scale to create employment, advancement, and development opportunities.