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We enable leading energy companies to build enterprises at scale that can deliver clean, reliable and affordable energy to help meet global needs.

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Meeting global carbon reduction goals will require $4.5 trillion of capital expenditures and investments per year on average from now through 2050. We believe the capital we invest enables leaders in the energy sector to facilitate the energy transition.

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Our team of experienced investment professionals identify emerging energy transition trends across the globe. We have a long record of investing in energy transition and climate solutions, accelerating growth and business transformation through flexible capital.

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Highlights from Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit

David Foley, Global Head of Blackstone Energy Transition Partners, discusses our partnership with Legence CEO Jeff Sprau and TDI Chairman Brian Kubeck.  

One-on-One with David Foley: The State of the Energy Transition

David Foley, Global Head of Blackstone Energy Transition Partners, discusses the investment opportunity in decarbonization.

Blackstone Wins Energy Private Equity Firm of the Year

We are proud to have been recognized for Private Equity International’s Energy Private Equity Firm of the Year 2023 award.

David Foley

“We’re excited about opportunities within energy transition that can generate returns for investors through driving decarbonization.”

David Foley

Global Head of Blackstone Energy Transition Partners

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