Transparency & Disclosure

At Blackstone, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive at all times to ensure that our investors, shareholders, employees, portfolio companies and all parties with whom we do business can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner. Our deep commitment to professionalism, fairness and integrity is described in our Guiding Principles.


As a publicly traded corporation, Blackstone Inc. files extensive information with the SEC about its operations and financial performance and is subject to New York Stock Exchange rules (including those relating to corporate governance). Please consult the Corporate Governance page of our website for additional information, including our corporate governance documents.

Principles for the Acquisition and Use of Data

Understanding and better utilizing data is important for Blackstone and our portfolio companies. We use data to help our portfolio companies improve their operating performance, to maximize internal efficiencies and to inform our investment decisions. Blackstone has implemented a best-in-class, robust legal and compliance framework to ensure that we are obtaining and handling data appropriately and in a compliant manner. 

Regulatory Bodies

All of our asset management businesses, including our investment funds, are registered with the relevant regulatory bodies in multiple jurisdictions. All of our investing units conduct business through SEC-registered investment advisers. Blackstone Securities Partners L.P. is a broker-dealer registered with the SEC and a member of FINRA.

The following is a list of our regulated entities in our international business:

Entity NameJurisdictionRegulator
Blackstone Europe LLPUKUK Financial Conduct Authority
Blackstone Ireland LimitedIrelandCentral Bank of Ireland
Blackstone Ireland Fund Management LimitedIrelandCentral Bank of Ireland
Blackstone Europe Fund Management S.à r.l.LuxembourgCommission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier
The Blackstone Group (HK) LimitedHong KongSecurities & Futures Commission of Hong Kong
Blackstone Real Estate Australia Pty LimitedAustraliaAustralian Securities and Investments Commission
The Blackstone Group (Australia) Pty LimitedAustraliaAustralian Securities and Investments Commission
The Blackstone Group Japan K.K.JapanJapanese Financial Services Agency
Blackstone Singapore Pte. Ltd.SingaporeMonetary Authority of Singapore

International Operations

For additional information regarding transparency and disclosure with respect to certain international operations, please consult the European Overview page.


Blackstone has been an active participant in industry-led efforts to improve transparency and disclosure and promote the highest standards of responsible investing.

  • American Investment Council
    Blackstone is a founding member of the American Investment Council (“AIC”) (previously the U.S. Private Equity Growth Capital Council (“PEGCC”)), a trade organization representing the industry. Working with the PEGCC in 2009, Blackstone helped craft a set of Guidelines for Responsible Investment that incorporate environmental, health, safety, labor, governance and social issues into investment decision-making decisions and ownership activities.
  • Private Equity Reporting Group
    The Private Equity Reporting Group (“PERG”) is the independent body which oversees enhancements in transparency and disclosure within the UK private equity industry. PERG was formed in 2008 following the publication of Sir David Walker’s report on disclosure and transparency in private equity on 20 November 2007. PERG monitors conformity with the Walker Guidelines and makes recommendations to the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (“BVCA”) for improvements in the levels of openness and communication amongst the largest private equity houses in the UK. Additional information.

    As a public company subject to extensive disclosure requirements, Blackstone is supportive of greater transparency and improved understanding of the private equity industry. Blackstone supports the activities of PERG and conforms on a “comply or explain” basis. We also work alongside our UK portfolio companies, that fall within the criteria proposed by the Walker Guidelines, to do likewise and to publish an annual review. We ensure that communication with the employees of a portfolio company takes priority at the appropriate time, in the event of a transaction involving that portfolio company.
  • Broad European Initiatives
    Blackstone is actively involved in similar initiatives across Europe, including those that are currently being undertaken by Invest Europe (previously “EVCA”), the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (“BVK”) and the Alternative Investment Management Association (“AIMA”).