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LaunchPad, the signature program of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, seeks to close the opportunity gap by equipping college students with entrepreneurial skills and internship opportunities to help them build lasting careers.

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How it works

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LaunchPad’s career exposure opportunities help students clarify their career goals and present themselves as competitive job candidates.


We offer students internship opportunities across Blackstone’s network. This includes roles ranging from marketing and data science to project management and research at Blackstone and Blackstone portfolio companies, as well as through partner organizations and select startups. During their summer internships, students receive additional mentorship and professional development opportunities that help them build entrepreneurial skills and succeed on the job. Students who intern at Blackstone’s New York offices may receive guidance and mentorship support from Blackstone professionals.

Innovation Sprints

Companies present challenges and invite teams of students to create and pitch a solution. Winning teams may receive cash prizes, while companies forge relationships with promising student talent.

LaunchPad Speakers on Stage

LaunchPad’s wraparound approach means we not only connect students with internship opportunities, but we also help them put their best foot forward. Our digital career readiness curriculum helps students position themselves professionally and practice skills that will serve them well past graduation.

Innovation Skills Training

LaunchPad offers a robust innovation skills series with live and on-demand virtual workshops and a library of resources to help students develop their growth mindset, creativity, critical thinking and leadership.

Coaching and Guidance

LaunchPad campus staff prepare students for the LaunchPad internship application process with career readiness workshops focused on core skills like resume writing, interviewing and personal brand building, and Blackstone professionals review polished final resumes before students submit their applications. Students can also apply to BASTA Discovery and SEO Careers, which offer training programs that prepare students for success in internship roles.

LaunchPad Participants at Bowie State University

We work with a dedicated campus director and other faculty to set up programs where students can learn entrepreneurial skills and connect with likeminded peers. These programs have included:


Students can attend workshops on core entrepreneurial skills, such as ideation, design thinking, research, data analysis, customer discovery, business models, networking and more.

Speaker Series

LaunchPad features speakers from our alumni community, local businesses, our partner organizations and Blackstone to share stories of what entrepreneurship and innovation look like in different careers and industries.

Our Partners

Hear From the Students

“What an eye-opening experience. I grew as a student, leader and professional simultaneously – this was truly a summer of evolving. I am beyond grateful for all of the hands-on training and technical skills I attained in my field, as well as the network and support of peers I gained. Thank you for an outstanding and unparalleled summer with long-lasting memories and lessons learned!”

Social media intern at HBCU Founders Initiative portfolio company Adaya Beauty, student at Clark Atlanta University

“Blackstone LaunchPad blends real-world exposure into industries with opportunities for professional development. The Entrepreneurial Mindset Bootcamp in particular emphasizes an innovative approach toward problems, reinforcing that novel solutions can emerge when combining creativity, strategic thinking and tenacity. It’s an invaluable blueprint for success that will remain instrumental throughout my career.”

Philanthropy intern at the Gray Foundation, student at Baruch College

“I had a great time at Centric Brands, a Blackstone portfolio company. I was able to apply everything I learned in school in a professional setting, where my colleagues were so supportive and collaborative and answered any questions we had. My project group won the Capstone Project with our research on AI and its integration within the company – this was the cherry on top.”

Accounting intern at Blackstone portfolio company Centric Brands, student at College of Staten Island

News & Insights

LaunchPad News & Insights

Blackstone Charitable Foundation Commits $5 Million To Five New Colleges in Florida, Including New Historically Black College and University and Hispanic Serving Institutions

Blackstone Charitable Foundation Commits $2 Million To Four Historically Black Colleges and Universities in North Carolina and Maryland

From Startups to Skill Sets: Blackstone LaunchPad Broadens Mission to Equip Grads for Any Career

Maura Pally, Executive Director of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation

“We know that talent is distributed equally, but opportunity is not. By connecting students with entrepreneurial education, we’re giving them access to the opportunities they deserve – whether that’s pioneering their own venture or bringing fresh ideas and practical experience to an existing company.”

Maura Pally

Executive Director, Blackstone Charitable Foundation