As the world’s largest alternative asset manager, we partner with targeted portfolio companies on programs that drive value.

Our strategy prioritizes:

Reinforcing strong governance, a foundation of resilient companies

Investing in the energy transition and driving value-accretive emissions reduction across our portfolio

Building stronger workplaces by expanding talent pools

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Corporate Approach

Within Blackstone, we support our operations and business activities with value-enhancing governance policies, programs and systems.

Practicing Good Governance

Our integrated ESG team operates through a hub and spoke model that incorporates dedicated coverage at the firm level, within our corporate groups and at individual business units. Blackstone is a signatory to PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) as of July 2021 and is a supporter of TCFD (Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures) as of October 2021.

Developing and Advancing Talent

We believe that by focusing on recruiting, talent development, community and inclusion and accountability, we will create an environment that drives retention and advancement opportunities for our employees. We are focused on building a broad pipeline of talent for the next generation of leaders at Blackstone and throughout the financial services industry. We’re committed to the engagement, development and retention of our workforce through tailored skill development opportunities.

Our Corporate Carbon Footprint

Our 2022 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions Report details Blackstone’s approach to measuring GHG emissions across our corporate operations.

Blackstone LaunchPad

Closing the Opportunity Gap

Blackstone LaunchPad, the signature program of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, seeks to close the opportunity gap by equipping college and university students with the entrepreneurial skills they need to build lasting careers. Blackstone employees are highly engaged in giving back, with over 80% participating in annual firm-sponsored charitable activities in 2022.

Jon Gray, President and COO of Blackstone

We provide capital to help our portfolio companies grow and improve performance. In doing so, we seek to generate lasting value for our investors.

Jon Gray

President and Chief Operating Officer

Across Our Portfolio

We believe our efforts reflect what are simply good business practices that support competitiveness and enable growth, ultimately building stronger businesses.
StuyTown, New York

Investing in the Energy Transition and Driving Value-Accretive Emissions Reduction

In 2022, we announced that we see an opportunity to invest ~$100 billion in the businesses and companies that support the energy transition and climate change solutions over the next decade. We’re also focused on helping select portfolio companies capture cost savings through GHG emission reduction efforts as part of our Emissions Reduction Program and Blackstone’s Decarbonization Accelerator.


Accessing and Advancing Untapped Talent

Through Blackstone Career Pathways™, we aim to broaden the high-quality talent networks from which our portfolio companies recruit, develop and advance talent. We believe these efforts position our companies to be better able to generate lasting value for our investors.

Supporting Veterans

Through the Veterans Hiring Initiative, more than 100,000 veterans, veteran spouses and caregivers have been hired across our portfolio companies since 2013.1

Industry Engagement

We engage with several organizations to help inform our approach*.

Blackstone professionals have helped found:

Note: All figures as of September 30, 2023, unless otherwise indicated.

  1. As of July 2021.

While Blackstone believes ESG factors can enhance long-term value, Blackstone does not pursue an ESG-based investment strategy or limit its investments to those that meet specific ESG criteria or standards (except with respect to products or strategies that are explicitly designated as doing so in their offering documents or other applicable governing documents). Any such considerations do not qualify Blackstone’s objectives to maximize risk-adjusted returns.

Pursuant to Section 44475.2 of Division 26 of the California Health and Safety Code (AB 1305), please see our most recent Climate-related Financial Disclosures report aligned with TCFD recommendations for more details on our emissions reduction program and related initiatives.

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