AUM Across Blackstone’s Credit Platform1


Issuers Across Portfolios2


Sponsor/Advisor Relationships2


We invest across the credit markets, managing leading strategies that target sectors with strong fundamentals.


Our platform has evolved alongside the credit markets. This longevity allows us to draw from a deep well of trusted relationships to originate opportunities on behalf of our clients.


Our complete capital solutions span the liquidity and risk spectrum, and our close partnerships with borrowers allow us to pinpoint additional opportunities to create value.


In addition to more than 20 years’ experience on average, BXCI investment professionals leverage the expertise of the broader Blackstone network, which includes over 100 senior advisors and 50 data scientists.

Blackstone’s Credit Strategies

The breadth of Blackstone’s strategies helps us build solutions optimized for various market conditions and customized for our clients’ needs.

Private Corporate Credit

We provide financing solutions to companies and help banks manage risk. Our position as one of the world’s largest direct lenders gives us visibility across markets and access to large, complex opportunities available to few others.

  • Senior Direct Lending
  • Opportunistic Credit

Liquid Corporate Credit

We are the largest global loan manager. This market leadership generates technical insights that inform our investment decisions across liquid credit markets.

  • Investment Grade
  • High Yield
  • Leveraged Loans
  • CLO Debt/Equity

Infrastructure and Asset Based Credit

We invest in energy transition and climate solutions, essential infrastructure and loans backed by diversified financial and physical collateral, benefiting from Blackstone’s view across these sectors.

  • Infrastructure Debt
  • Asset Based Lending
  • Sustainable Resources

Real Estate Credit

Blackstone’s real estate credit business issues debt and debt securities backed by commercial and residential mortgages, drawing on the competitive advantages of the Blackstone Real Estate platform, the world’s largest owner of commercial real estate.

  • Real Estate Lending
  • Real Estate Debt Securities
  • Residential Mortgages

The Blackstone Value Creation Program

We strive to be not just a capital provider but a capital partner, equipping borrowers with tools – from procurement to cybersecurity to operations – to help them unlock their potential. The program has generated approximately $5 billion in total implied value creation across the BXCI portfolio.3

Updates from Credit & Insurance

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Note: All figures as of December 31, 2023, unless otherwise indicated.

  1. AUM is a combined figure inclusive of Blackstone Credit & Insurance “BXCI” and Real Estate Debt businesses.
  2. Reflects issuers and sponsors across all asset types within Private Corporate Credit, Liquid Corporate Credit, and Infrastructure & Asset Based Credit, excluding FX derivatives and LP interests.
  3. Represents the sum of (a) estimated identified total cost reduction at the time cost is benchmarked with portfolio companies multiplied by the average enterprise value multiple across the portfolio, by finding the mean of the enterprise values at time of BXCI’s initial investments, and (b) total revenue from Blackstone program introductions multiplied by EBITDA margin and multiple at investment of the portfolio company. The number is presented for illustrative purposes and does not reflect actual realized proceeds to BXCI or to the equity sponsor or the company, and there can be no assurance that realized proceeds received by Blackstone or any investor in a Blackstone fund will be increased as a result.
Gilles Dellaert

“Our aim is to be a one-stop shop, building comprehensive solutions that deliver for our clients and enable our borrowers to achieve their goals.”

Gilles Dellaert

GLOBAL HEAD OF Blackstone Credit & Insurance