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Sage Homes: Providing Quality Affordable Homes Across the UK

Residents of the United Kingdom have for years faced a chronic shortage of affordable homes. According to a recent government report, one in 10 people in need of affordable housing are stuck on council waiting lists for over five years as a result of the shortage. As the fastest growing provider of affordable housing in England, Blackstone portfolio company Sage Homes is contributing to much-needed supply.

To date, Blackstone has invested over £3.5 billion in Sage to help deliver more than 6,500 new affordable homes, with +21,000 more in the pipeline. With a portfolio that is 100% focused on affordable housing for rent or shared ownership, Sage seeks to set the standard for innovation in the sector by adding to the housing supply.


Sage’s portfolio is focused on affordable housing for rent or shared ownership


Blackstone’s commitment to Sage Homes


affordable homes planned, with 7,000+ already delivered

Sage’s operating model allows it to bring additional capital and capacity to the UK housing market. The company is focused on making affordable rent and low-cost ownership available to as many people as possible, while providing high-quality homes and excellent service. Sage rents to those on local authority housing registers who have been identified as being in housing need. The UK government sets and regulates all of Sage’s rents at significant discounts to open-market levels.

Sage was the largest provider of new affordable homes in 2021 and aims to deliver 30,000 new homes by 2030 – an 10,000 unit increase from its previous 2024 target.

Sage Homes embodies not only our conviction in the affordable housing sector, but also in the UK more broadly. Blackstone has been one of the UK’s largest foreign investors since the inception of our business in Europe – and our confidence in the region has only grown over the past decade.

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