Portfolio Insights

President & COO Jon Gray on How Blackstone’s Unique Culture Drives Success

Each year Blackstone brings together the CEOs of its portfolio companies for a conference on developments in the business and investment landscape. At the conference, CEOs have the opportunity to discuss the trends impacting their companies with their peers and Blackstone executives.


At this year’s conference, Blackstone President and COO Jon Gray spoke with Head of Portfolio Operations Dave Calhoun on today’s investing climate and what makes Blackstone exceptional: our commitment to creative thinking and the unique insights that allow us to stay on the forefront of investment trends.




Gray also discussed the culture and the investment process that lies at the heart of the firm’s identity and success. By investing in our people and committing to the long view, Blackstone has created a distinct brand that unlocks potential for growth and expansion across sectors, including new avenues for the firm such as infrastructure and insurance.



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