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Diversity Drives Product Innovation at Ancestry

Blackstone President Jon Gray sits down with Ancestry CEO Deb Liu to discuss her career journey, product development and the partnership between their two companies.

Blackstone portfolio company Ancestry is a leading online family history business with 3.6 million paying subscribers. CEO Deb Liu has a vision to expand its reach even further with a focus on diversity: “People for whom we don’t have records still love their family just as much… So how do we build a product that’s more inclusive?” 

In this fireside chat during Women’s History Month, Deb joins Blackstone President Jon Gray to discuss her career as a seasoned technology executive—including roles at Facebook, PayPal, and eBay—as well as her transition to running Ancestry. She also shares her outlook for Ancestry, perspectives on diversity, and lessons from her book, Take Back Your Power: 10 New Rules for Women at Work.  

We’re proud to partner with leaders like Deb as we work to build strong businesses across the Blackstone portfolio. 

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