Investing in the future of the Netherlands

Blackstone is a global investment business and since 2004 we have invested €9 billion in the Netherlands through a total of 46 investments – we are committed to contributing to the Dutch economy over the long term, including by supporting thousands of jobs.

Companies owned by Blackstone directly employ over 3,200 people across the Netherlands and support thousands more local jobs through the contractors, advisers and third parties they hire.

Our Partners

From exciting tech scale-ups to industry leaders, our portfolio companies in the Netherlands span a range of sectors.


Payments provider Mollie is at the forefront of revolutionizing the industry, helping businesses grow by streamlining the payments process. Its fast growth, built on innovative tech and in-house talent, has led Mollie to reach the milestone of becoming one of Europe’s largest fintech unicorns.

Our partnership is helping to further accelerate the growth of the business with the opening of its new office in Eindhoven, supporting new job creation while equipping the company with the tools and knowledge to become a leader in the sector.


Building Materials Europe is one of the biggest distributors of building materials in Europe, active in the Netherlands under brands such as BMN, Raab Karcher and Bouwmaat. We’re working with BME to increase its customer base, serving more customers in more markets throughout Europe, while helping to create more jobs in the Netherlands.


NIBC supports around 600 mid-market businesses and provides more than 400,000 retail clients with banking solutions in the Netherlands. This includes advice, and debt, mezzanine and equity financing solutions to entrepreneurs across selected sectors, as well as mortgages, brokerage products and online savings that are accessible, easy to understand and fairly priced.

Supporting the local community is at the heart of the business. NIBC offers internships for recent graduates, takes part in national Week van het Geld, and supports a wide variety of local charities including food banks in The Hague.

Investing in Real Estate

We have been investing in real estate in the Netherlands since 2004 – and today, manage a portfolio of approximately 4 million square metres:
  • Around 80% (by area) is across our logistics holdings
  • 15% is in our office investments
  • Approximately 5% is through our residential and retail holdings

We have a relatively small portfolio of residential rental housing, owning approximately 1,800 out of more than 3,300,000 rental properties in the Netherlands.

We are committed to owning these residential properties for the long term and to provide high-quality, professionally managed rental homes for our tenants. We have invested over €60 million to renovate, repair and maintain homes in our portfolio, many of which are over 100 years old and had not been renovated for decades.

Find out more about our residential portfolio here.

Looking forward

At Blackstone we invest for the long term and will continue to work through our investments to create more jobs, build more world-class companies and deliver high-quality real estate assets that support the Dutch economy – now and for the future.

About Blackstone

Blackstone is a global investment business, investing capital on behalf of public and private sector pension funds, insurance companies, university endowments, institutions and individuals. In particular, Blackstone’s investments help support financial security for tens of millions of retirees across the world, including in the Netherlands.
Our mission is to create long-term value for our investors through the careful stewardship of their capital. Our efforts and capital grow hundreds of companies, create thousands of jobs and support local economies.