Our Mission

At Blackstone, we invest on behalf of institutional investors around the world, including retirement systems which represent more than 31 million pensioners in the United States and millions more internationally. Through our investments we preserve and protect over $545 billion in assets in a diverse range of funds. As careful stewards of capital, we strive to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors, the companies in which we invest and society at large. It is well known that stronger, better-run companies generate jobs and strengthen economies. We have helped make scores of companies stronger and more competitive, and in doing so, bolstered the communities in which their employees live and work. Today, as at Blackstone’s inception, our commitment to operate with the utmost integrity and publicly minded spirit is a central element of the firm’s culture and is reflected in the work that we do. By making companies stronger and better positioned for long-term growth, we can help create good jobs, support local communities and, ultimately, secure the future of millions of people around the world.

Investing in Sustainability
Protecting the environment of the communities in which we operate is critically important.
Fostering Growth
Fostering growth and creating enterprises of enduring value is a vital part of Blackstone’s commitment to being responsible corporate citizens.
Investing Responsibly
Our commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every investment decision we make.
From its founding, Blackstone has dedicated itself to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every investment decision we make and I take personal pride knowing that the founding principles and values the firm was built on 30 years ago still govern us today.

Clean Power

In 2009, Blackstone funded a management team to create Transmission Developers Inc. (TDI). TDI is in the process of developing an innovative power transmission line that will bring safe, secure, affordable, renewable power to New York and New England from the U.S.-Canadian border.


In 2011, Blackstone announced the financial closing for “Meerwind,” the largest German offshore wind farm to complete its full financing process. The 288MW wind farm is projected to power 360,000 households and eliminate one million tons of carbon emissions per year.

Solar Program

Blackstone’s solar program has the potential to cut energy costs by approximately 10% across its portfolio of companies.
Blackstone constructs 250 MW hydroelectric power station in Uganda; providing clean affordable power to support economic growth.

Blackstone Connects

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation launched Blackstone Connects, a unique community service program that provides Blackstone employees with opportunities to engage in service and volunteer projects.

Equity Healthcare

Unlike traditional health-related group purchasing organizations, Blackstone's Equity Healthcare focuses on the health of employees and their families and the quality of care they receive.

Rescuing America’s Industrial Base


Blackstone Veterans Initiative


Community Care

Former portfolio company Detroit Medical Center invested $850 million in a critical hospital system in Detroit. The investment will help to implement critical upgrades and improve the quality of care for a population in need.

Invitation Homes

Blackstone created a national platform to purchase distressed single family homes and then refurbish, lease and maintain them in neighborhoods across the country.
We invest on behalf of more than
30 million
pensioners in the U.S. and millions more internationally

Socially Responsible Investing

From its founding, Blackstone has dedicated itself to being a responsible corporate citizen. Our commitment to corporate responsibility is embedded into every investment decision we make.

Working with the Private Equity Growth Capital Counsel (PEGCC) in 2009, Blackstone helped craft a set of Guidelines for Responsible Investment that incorporate environmental, health, safety, labor, governance and social issues into investment decision-making and ownership activities. The firm performs an analysis of the relevant environmental, public health, safety and social issues and continues to monitor those issues during its period of engagement.


  • The Walker Principles

    In 2007, Blackstone joined an effort led by Sir David Walker and the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVCA) to craft Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity. The “Walker Report,” as it is known, made specific recommendations for improving the level of public disclosure by private equity firms operating in the United Kingdom. Blackstone voluntarily conforms to those recommendations.

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  • PEGCC Guidelines for Responsible Investing

    Blackstone has been a strong supporter of efforts by the private equity industry to promote the highest standards for ethical investing and improve transparency. Blackstone is a founding member of the Private Equity Growth Capital Council (PEGCC), a trade group representing the industry.

  • Better Building Partnership

    In October 2009, Blackstone Real Estate Partners became a member of the Better Buildings Partnership (BBP), a consortium of leading UK property owners, supported by the Mayor of London and the London Development Agency. Leading the way through best practice, the BBP's goal is to educate the wider commercial property market to improve the sustainability of London's existing commercial building stock and minimize the impact these buildings have on the environment. The consortium is committed to achieving substantial CO2 savings.

    Blackstone is the first real estate private equity firm to join this influential consortium. The firm is delighted to be a member of BBP and looks forward to working with other leading real estate investors and owners in London to promote this vital initiative.

  • Transparency and Disclosure

    At Blackstone, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to the way we do business. We strive at all times to ensure that our investors, unit holders, employees, portfolio companies and all parties with whom we do business can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner. We have a deep commitment to professionalism, fairness and integrity in all of our business activities.

    We are actively involved in similar initiatives across Europe, including those that are currently being undertaken by Invest Europe (previously EVCA), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK).