The Blackstone CEO Conference 2022: Authentic Exchanges. Actionable Insights

At Blackstone, we take an active approach to partnering with the CEOs in our portfolio, helping them strengthen their businesses and accelerate growth. Our investments span more than 200 companies across sectors and geographies—a powerful network for exchanging ideas, finding commercial opportunities, and tapping into industry expertise.

No event demonstrates the power of this platform better than our CEO Conference, which brings together portfolio company CEOs and founders, board chairs and senior advisors, and Blackstone leaders. The annual gathering features conversations with experts on the most pressing issues for today’s executives.

This year’s event will address top-of-mind themes including rising inflation, talent acquisition, brand strategy, digital transformation, and ESG. Over two days, we’ll hear from leading voices in media, technology, sustainability, and more, as well as panelists from the Blackstone portfolio including Sara Blakely, founder and CEO of SPANX; Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health; Kevin Mayer and Tom Staggs, co-CEOs of Candle Media; Amanda Baldwin, CEO of Supergoop! and Michael Polsky, founder & CEO of Invenergy.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Blackstone’s amazing community of companies and talent to our first CEO Conference since the pandemic,” said Jennifer Morgan, Global Head of Portfolio Operations. “Our goal is to create a transparent, inclusive, and differentiated experience that leaves CEOs feeling inspired and energized. We hope the knowledge sharing and active engagement at this event helps these leaders put ‘wisdom into action’ for the benefit of their employees, customers, partners and businesses.”