Investing With a Long-Term Perspective

We invest in companies transforming the way we connect with one another, advancing medical innovation, and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Tech & Growth

The technology sector has proven to be resilient through even the most volatile environments. Global internet traffic is increasing exponentially, with no sign of decline over the next decade. From online dating and entertainment to cloud-enabled enterprise software, Blackstone is investing in companies that are contributing to a lasting shift towards a tech-enabled future.

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry has seen enormous growth in recent years. Increased demand for medical products and services has coincided with rapid advancements in data analysis, chemistry, biology and genomics. The number of products in phase III clinical trials — the final step before regulatory approval — have more than doubled from 2009-20191, reflecting the rapid pace of innovation in the field. At Blackstone, we’re investing in therapies and technologies with the potential to transform patients’ lives, as well as the lab space vital to advancing life sciences research.


Public demand for eco-friendly brands and sustainable business practices has boomed.2 The global renewable energy market has grown quickly as a result, with a projected compound annual growth rate of more than 6.1% through 2025.3 By integrating environmental considerations into our investment process, we seek to create lasting benefits for our portfolio companies and support low-cost, renewable energy solutions across the world.

Blackstone invests in companies that are shaping the modern economy and we’re dedicated to accelerating their growth.

Our Approach in Action

“We position investor capital toward fast-growing areas of the economy including renewable energy, life sciences and tech-enabled businesses. These sectors are benefiting from very positive fundamentals.”

jon gray


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