Strategic Partners Fund Solutions is a leading global investor in the secondary private equity market. Our goal is to provide individual and institutional investors the opportunity to monetize and manage their illiquid investment holdings. We have executed many types of transactions, from single fund transfers to complex, structured portfolio solutions, and work hard to understand the unique circumstances of each of our partners and offer thoughtful alternatives. Investors value our guidance and support as it relates to private fund commitments, co-investments and portfolio management.

Strategic Partners has over 50 dedicated secondary investment professionals located in New York, London and San Francisco, and leverages Blackstone’s global presence. Our core group of senior professionals has worked together for over a decade. The secondary investment team is supported by an experienced accounting and operations team, enabling the successful execution, monitoring and reporting of our investment holdings. We believe our long-standing platform translates into a distinct understanding of the dynamic secondary market.



To sellers and general partners, Strategic Partners is viewed as a trustworthy and well-respected counterparty. From our start in 2000, we have raised $43 billion of capital commitments, completed over 1,200 transactions, and acquired over 3,500 limited partnership interests. We pride ourselves in providing solutions on a fair, timely and confidential basis. We are one of the most active secondary investors in the world, completing a transaction on average every 4 calendar days.

Secondary Investing

For our limited partners, we strive to provide the benefits of secondary investing, which may include (i) reducing blind pool risk; (ii) mitigating the “J-Curve” with shorter duration profiles; and (iii) diversifying exposure across industries, investment strategies, fund sponsors, geographies and vintage years. This is achieved by utilizing our deep network of global relationships and focusing on a detailed, bottom-up analysis of the underlying assets. We believe our market position and proprietary investment database reinforce our reputation as a nimble and knowledgeable investor.

$44 billion Capital
Commitments Raised
Strategic Partners is a global leader in secondary private equity, with $44 billion raised across our various fund families.
1400+ Transactions
We have amassed an exceptional transaction completion record, built one day at a time on a fair, timely and confidential basis.
3,750+ Interests
Our portfolio of fund interests represent thousands of underlying portfolio companies, providing a unique footprint and edge in the marketplace.
Capital Commitments Raised
We provide liquidity to investors who have invested in private investments and need for some reason to sell those investments and make their cash work for them someplace else. We really do two things. On the transaction level, we help these investors monetize, and on a broader scope, we provide liquidity to an illiquid market.
- Stephen Can
Strategic Partners

Impact Investing

Blackstone’s impact investing platform is part of the Strategic Partners group and seeks to deliver positive financial impact while addressing four specific investment themes— Health & Wellbeing, Financial Access, Sustainable Communities and Green Technologies.

This platform will make investments in mission-oriented businesses and managers, unlocking new opportunities for investors.

It will leverage Strategic Partners’ scale and expertise across private equity, real estate and infrastructure by partnering with external impact managers focused on developed markets, as well as other investing businesses within Blackstone. The initiative will build on Blackstone’s previous investments in impact themes, and on Strategic Partners’ vast sourcing capabilities and partnerships with investment managers.

Read more about Blackstone’s impact investing platform HERE.

Our Flexible Approach is Demonstrated Across Many Facets
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Strategic Partners

Our goal is to provide liquidity solutions on a fair, timely and confidential basis to investors of illiquid assets. We are a highly experienced and discrete partner with the dedicated resources to execute complex transactions.

Our Approach

  • Deep Industry Relationships

    For over a decade, we have been one of the most active participants in the secondary market. We have developed an extensive network of limited partners, advisors and general partners who value the credibility, thoughtful attention and pro-active engagement we bring to each opportunity. We believe our reputation grants us a preferred status among sophisticated investors seeking liquidity alternatives.

  • Long-term Collaboration

    Our long-term, relationship-based philosophy is at the core of our continued stability and success. Many of our opportunities are sourced from existing relationships forged over multiple transactions and investments. Our transaction partners benefit from the seamless and informed transaction process that we have established and refined over 15 years of operations.

  • Investment Flexibility

    Our flexible and innovative structures accommodate the needs of both sellers and general partners. In an increasingly dynamic secondary market, we believe we are well-positioned to efficiently evaluate, execute and monitor transactions. Investors rely on us to bring the diverse skill sets, experience and sophistication required for today’s investment environment. We consider the purchase of traditional limited partnership stakes, as well as structured transactions and direct investments. Our process enables us to respond quickly and with certainty to sellers of all sizes.

  • Information and Access

    Our edge is grounded in our dedicated team’s extensive industry knowledge. This information has been gathered through the review of over $200 billion of secondary transactions, spanning thousands of partnerships and portfolio companies. This access to robust company, industry and market information promotes an advantage for our trusted partners.

  • All numbers are as of April 30, 2019.