Nov 09, 2012

Blackstone Creates National Single-Family Rental Home Platform

Blackstone has created a national platform, Invitation Homes, to purchase distressed single family homes and then refurbish, lease and maintain them in neighborhoods across the country.

The single family rental market has always existed with 12 million homes for rent but there never has been a national, institutionally-managed, single-family rental platform. In addition, household formation and population growth in the US are solid but new housing supply is 63% below the historical average, creating a compelling opportunity to invest.

Through Invitation Homes, we are providing a much needed service for communities across the nation. We are removing distressed inventory from the market, which has been suppressing national home prices, creating jobs and providing high quality, affordable housing for families. These efforts are, ultimately, stimulating economies in areas hardest hit by the housing crisis.

Watch this video to see how Blackstone and Invitation Homes are betting on the American recovery.