Portfolio Insights

How Blackstone’s CEO Conference Strengthens Our Portfolio

At Blackstone, we believe information sharing and networking is a key driver of value for all our portfolio companies. Every year, we convene our portfolio company CEOs to discuss the macroeconomic trends and common challenges they face in their businesses. By sharing experiences and spending time with one another, our leaders can better identify solutions, discuss areas for growth and develop action plans against these opportunities. This year, we focused on how technology is shaping businesses and the ways our leaders can enable new solutions to unlock value.


“We are exposed to so much data, so much insight around macro-realities that allows me to go back and work with my management team on secular drivers that emerge out of this conference.”Girish Rishi, CEO of JDA Software, a Blackstone portfolio company


Watch our video recapping the 2018 CEO conference and the value our CEOs derive from convening with each other and Blackstone senior leaders.