Blackstone Blog

Jun 29, 2011

Blackstone Supports Eagle Scholars

With continued support from the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, Eagle Academy Scholars pass and excel in the 2011 New York State Regents exams. Since 2009, Blackstone employees have worked with the students, administrators and teachers of Eagle Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn, a school committed to educating young men from low-income neighborhoods to be “globally conscious and globally competitive.” Our commitment includes mentoring students, teaching weekend classes, and providing professional development training.

Blackstone is proud to learn that over 70% of Scholars passed the Regents exams, with a significant percentage of those who passed receiving higher than a 75%.

Living Environment 

  • Pass rate of 73% 
  • 5 Scholars scored above an 85%
  • 8 Scholars with a Special Ed classification passed the exam with a 65% or above
  • Highest mark of 91% was earned by a Scholar who entered Eagle while living in the shelter system.

Integrated Algebra 

  • Pass rate of 80%
  • 78% of the 80% who passed scored above a 75%. This allows Scholars the ability to not have to take remedial math if they go to any state college or university.
  • A Scholar who scored a level 1 on the 2009-2010 math exam successfully passed the Math Regents with above a 65%.

U.S. History 

  • Pass rate of 81%
  • 4 Scholars scored above a 95%. 
  • The Scholar who scored the highest on the exam with a 98% has an integrated co-teaching (CTT) individualized education plan (IEP). 


  • A total of 17 Scholars passed 3 Regents exams with a 65% or above
  • A total of 5 Scholars passed 3 Regents exams with a 75% or above
  • One of the best individual Regents performances came from a Scholar with a CTT IEP (75, 85, 98)
  • Another top individual performer earned a 91, 97 and an 84 on his exams.

Wallace Niles, Director of Program and Business Operations at the Eagle Academy for Young Men at Ocean Hill, said, “Please know that the many contributions of the Blackstone organization and the individual efforts of those who have supported us have benefited us tremendously in meeting our goal of making every Eagle Scholar a Globally Conscious, Globally Competitive young man.  As we transition into high school and as we continue to move forward with our partnership, I am overjoyed at the possibilities of what lies ahead.”