Blackstone Blog

Aug 15, 2011

Blackstone Employees Partner with First Day New York to Sponsor 150 Students

A tradition that started in Blackstone's Hedge Fund Solutions Group (BAAM) four years ago was extended to the entire firm this year with great success. Blackstone employees across all business units partnered with First Day New York to sponsor 150 New York City students with backpacks, first day of school outfits and school supplies. BAAM sponsored 20 students in their first year, and with the support of the entire firm, that number has grown significantly to 150. According to First Day New York, Blackstone remains the leading sponsor for providing backpacks to at-risk children living in New York City.

Each student was given:

  • A backpack
  • A first day of school outfit
  • A book to start their personal library
  • A personal letter of encouragement

First Day New York is committed to preparing at-risk children living in New York City for a positive school experience by providing school supplies and clothing for their first day of school.