Blackstone Blog

Oct 01, 2012

Blackstone Charitable Foundation Announces New $50,000 Grant

Today, the Blackstone Charitable Foundation announced that it has approved a new $50,000 grant to Moneythink, a nonprofit that provides financial and entrepreneurship education through peer-mentorship to urban 11th-and-12th-graders in the United States. Its unique model uses customized curricula and college volunteers to make financial decision-making, career planning, and entrepreneurship practical, relevant, and fun for urban high school students entering the real world.  

Moneythink plans to use the new Blackstone grant to transform its current student-run model in Chicago into a professional model, which will eventually be replicated to the other student-run chapters across the nation. This transformation will be defined in large part by an expansion from seven to thirty inner-city classrooms across the city of Chicago and five new university-based volunteer chapters. In addition to helping the organization establish professional operations in Chicago, the grant will support upgrades in Moneythink’s educational methods, including a more formal curriculum and a stronger volunteer-training system.

The Blackstone Charitable Foundation supports Moneythink’s mission to empower urban youth to build a better future by combining peer-mentorship with financial and entrepreneurship education. Prior to June 2012, with little funds and run entirely by students, Moneythink had trained over 300 college volunteers and mentored over 3000 inner-city youth in 18 cities across the US. It is our hope that with the support of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, Moneythink will have a deeper regional impact and give students a greater pathway to prosperity.   The Foundation looks forward to continuing to reinforce its commitment to entrepreneurship and job growth by working alongside innovative programs such as Moneythink.