Sep 15, 2015

Ten Thoughts on Leadership from Steve Schwarzman

Blackstone’s Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Stephen A. Schwarzman recently spoke at Columbia Business School as part of the Silfen Leadership Series. Please find ten tweets from the event highlighting Steve’s personal take on leadership below.

  1. To be leader, you have to stand for something AND stand up for it when called on.
  2. In leadership positions, think about what you can do that no one's ever done before.
  3. Don't rely on Plan B, figure out what's wrong with Plan A and fix it instead.
  4. If you want to "be somebody" in a new environment, look around for problems to solve. Then solve them.
  5. Schwarzman: The hardest thing to do isn't accomplishing something, it's imagining something worth accomplishing.
  6. Interview tip: think of them as low-stress events. The interviewer just wants to know who you are. Be yourself.
  7. Other important traits of leaders: intelligent (books smarts & street smarts) and articulate.
  8. To be a leader & solve problems, you have to think about every point of view, then figure out how to overcome objections.
  9. Schwarzman focuses philanthropy efforts on education b/c of the impact a great education had on his life/career.
  10. An early failure motivated Schwarzman to put in place deal processes still used to great success at @blackstone today.