Dec 11, 2013

Networking Tips from Blackstone's Recruitment Team

As recruitment season gears up, Blackstone’s team is offering a few tips to help students get the most out of career networking events. “More than anything else, a genuine interest in the firm hosting the event will help you make a positive impression on potential employers,” says Bronwen Baumgardner, an HR Director at Blackstone.

  • Punctuality: Arriving on time speaks volumes about accountability. This is easy to get right, but impossible to fix – don’t be the person arriving in the middle of a presentation.
  • Making a strong first impression: As you’ll be one of many potential recruits at an event, remember that the best impression you can make is by being well-spoken, confident, truly interested in the firm, and prepared to talk about yourself.
  • Dress appropriately: What you decide to wear can tell a potential employer a lot about you. Flashy or “loud” attire may make you memorable for the wrong reasons.
  • Tailor your elevator pitch: Like a resume, your pitch should be clear, concise, and tailored to the opportunity at hand. Focus on what the recruiter should know about you as a potential hire.
  • Have a question ready: Be familiar with and knowledgeable on the firm and its business – a thoughtful question can show your level of interest and make you memorable.
  • Network: Feel free to ask for a business card. This will grow your network and can come in handy as you continue your job search.

We hope that you find this guide useful. Click here to learn more about career opportunities at Blackstone, recently ranked #1 in’s annual survey of “Best Places to Work” in financial services and in Pension & Investments rankings of “Best Places to Work” among alternatives managers.