Dec 29, 2014

Future Women Leaders Program – A Firsthand Testimonial

Blackstone’s Future Women Leaders Program brings a group of  sophomore women to Blackstone’s New York office each spring to give participants early exposure to finance and business through interactive information seminars, networking, and skill-building sessions. The program is open to current sophomores who are interested in exploring a career in the financial services industry.

The comprehensive and interactive two day program includes a welcome dinner with Blackstone’s senior leadership, a firm overview, an interview and resume workshop, a panel with current Blackstone analysts, a networking lunch and one-on-one mentoring sessions with Blackstone professionals. The goal of the program is to educate students on Blackstone and to create opportunities to stay engaged with the firm during the recruiting process.

Paige Muggeridge is a current senior at Duke University who participated in the Blackstone Future Women Leaders program when she was a sophomore. Following her participation in this program, Paige was a summer intern on Blackstone’s Real Estate (BREP) team and has accepted a position to join BREP as a full-time analyst when she graduates in May. To learn more about Paige and her experience with the program, please find an interview below.

How did you hear about the Future Women Leaders Program? I am a member of the Duke Association for Business Oriented Women and it was through this organization that I heard about Blackstone’s Future Women Leaders Program.

What was the most memorable part of your experience with the Future Women Leaders Program? The most memorable part of the Future Women Leaders Program was the opportunity to network with Blackstone professionals. It was so refreshing to find that every person I met and had a conversation with was so passionate and enthusiastic about his or her career at Blackstone. They were so willing to answer my questions not only about Blackstone but the finance industry as a whole. Through these conversations, I connected with various people on the Real Estate team, the group that I actually later interned and accepted a full time position with.

What specifically did you learn through the program that helped you decide you wanted a career in finance? Prior to attending the program, I had actually already received an internship at Morgan Stanley. At this stage I knew my career would be in finance, but the program definitely helped me decide on my concentration in Real Estate. Following the program I stayed in touch with the members I had spoken with from the Real Estate team. These people were extremely helpful with any of my questions leading up to the internship the following year.

How did attending the Future Women Leaders program encourage you to apply for an internship at Blackstone? Honestly, I loved the people. Not only were they all extremely intelligent, they loved what they were doing! This was a work environment I wanted to be a part of.

Did the program help prepare you for your internship with Blackstone? If so, how did it help? While the program was a great way to learn about the various businesses within Blackstone itself, it was also very helpful in preparing for the application and interview process for all types of finance internships. I specifically remember a great skit by Olivia and some others at the program showing the “do’s and don’ts” in both the interview process and when undertaking the internship.

What advice do you have for women your age who are interested in the Future Women Leaders program/Blackstone/finance generally? I would strongly encourage any woman my age interested in finance to apply for the Future Women Leaders Program. Blackstone employees were very helpful in answering all finance-related questions, and were able to talk about their journeys in the finance industry. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and intelligent people in the industry – I strongly encourage it!