Jun 24, 2015

Blackstone Team Competes in Hong Kong Dragon Boat Race

This weekend, over 200,000 people descended on Hong Kong’s Stanley Beach to watch 30,000 paddlers, comprising 200+ teams, battle it out for the 2015 Hong Kong Dragon Boat Championship. This race is part of Hong Kong’s broader Dragon Boat Festival which occurs on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. Dragon Boats are 46-feet-long with 20 seats, which are filled by 2 side by side rowers on each. The front seat in the boat holds a drummer who sets the pace and rhythm for the rowers, and a steerer guides the boat from the stern.

The Blackstone team of 18 paddlers comprised employees from Real Estate, Private Equity, Finance and HR. The team successfully placed 10th in the morning which guaranteed a second run after lunch. At 2:00pm, with temperatures hitting 35 degrees Celsius, the Blackstone team headed out for another paddle, ultimately falling short of the semi-finals. Colleagues, family and friends came out to support the team, and all parties had a great time. 

Hong Kong Dragonboat Blackstone One from HealeyNut on Vimeo.