Apr 22, 2014

Blackstone London Partners with Fruitful Office to Help Plant 2,892 Trees in Malawi

Blackstone Hospitality London is proud to announce the results of its year-long partnership with Fruitful Office.  Through the distribution of whole fruit baskets to all pantries, 2,892 papaya and guava tress have been planted in Malawi. 

For every fruit basket purchased, Fruitful Office, in collaboration with RIPPLE Africa, provides a fruit tree seedling, equipment, and training to farmers, local community groups, schools, and individual households in Malawi.  Adult fruit trees provide fruit and firewood for underserved Malawian families and can become a source for income generation.  New orchards also slow the rate of deforestation and soil erosion which has increased in recent years. 

Fruitful Office has planted over 660,071 trees in Malawi since it was founded in 2006.  Learn more about the program at www.fruitfuloffice.co.uk, and take a closer look at one Malawian family’s efforts here.