Mar 24, 2011

Blackstone Continues Up and Running in Japan

Blackstone’s Tokyo office continues to operate during the difficulties after the earthquake and the tsunami. All Tokyo office employees are in Japan and are at work.

In addition, we created, at very short notice, a temporary facility off site for both employees and their families. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided.  This facility has computers, phones and other equipment all tied into the Tokyo office, so that the work of the office can continue seamlessly. We intend to quickly return to full strength in the Tokyo office. 
The off-site facility also has a large family room with toys, games, puzzles and snacks. (We have 28 Japanese employees and 20 children under 20 in our extended Blackstone family, plus spouses and grandparents.) Blackstone is also making tutors available for the children whose education may have been disrupted. Counselors are available for employees and their families that may be facing particular issues. 
Enjoy the photos below of our people at work and their families in the off-site facility. 
Long term, we remain bullish on Japan and the Japanese economy and are committed to our continued presence in the market. Senior managers from Blackstone are scheduled to visit Tokyo and the office in the very near future. All our thoughts at this time are with Japanese people as they begin the recovery from this terrible tragedy.