May 06, 2016

Blackstone Connects: 2016 Spring Volunteer Day in London

Last week, 72 Blackstone employees from across the London office braved the prospect of an afternoon out in the unpredictable British weather and set out with Thames 21 to support their river clean-up efforts in Battersea, South London. Thames21 is one of the country’s leading waterway charities working with communities across Greater London to improve the rivers, canals, ponds and lakes for people and wildlife.

For once the weather was on side, the sun was out and the Blackstone team armed with heavy duty bin liners and enthusiasm quickly got to work clearing the Thames foreshore and removing debris in the form of plastic bags and old boots.  Rubbish was then placed in special cages which are locked and float to the surface when the tide returns after which they are removed by boat.

In the past year alone, 9337 volunteers took part in 366 Thames 21 events, giving up at least 19,552 hours of their time to improve the UK waterways, helping remove 799 cubic metres of litter and debris.

Please see a couple of photos highlighting another successful and fun volunteer day.