Dec 11, 2014

Blackstone Charitable Foundation Executive Director Attends First Meeting of National Advisory Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Amy Stursberg, Executive Director of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation, recently attended the first organizational meeting of the 2014-2016 National Advisory Committee on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, on which she was selected to serve. NACIE advises the Secretary of Commerce on issues related to accelerating innovation, expanding entrepreneurship, and developing a globally competitive workforce.

“As the President’s point person on entrepreneurship, my role is to advance the country’s innovation agenda at home and around the world,” said Secretary Pritzker at the meeting. “While I am proud of the successes we have achieved so far, I know we can do even better. The reality is that we are just skimming the surface of what we can do to make American businesses, individuals, and communities more competitive in the global marketplace.”
“I could not have been more impressed by the breadth and diversity of experience that NACIE members shared with each other,” said Amy Stursberg, following the meeting. “I am optimistic that as the Commerce Department meaningfully engages with stakeholders across the government and private sector, there will be significant opportunities for the committee to offer relevant insight to Secretary Pritzker on how the Department can best nurture the drive and aptitude that Americans across the country share for entrepreneurship, starting businesses, and creating jobs.”

Amy Stursberg has served as the Executive Director of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation since 2008, where she has overseen and led a five-year Entrepreneurship Initiative, bringing four innovative programs focused on strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems – Blackstone LaunchPad, Blackstone Entrepreneurs Network, Blackstone Accelerates Growth, and Blackstone Innovation Grants – to twenty states across the country.