Aug 07, 2012

Blackstone's Equity Healthcare is Among the Few Companies to Qualify for DMPC's Gold Standard Listing

An independent, third-party audit conducted by Al Lewis, Executive Director of the Disease Management Purchasing Consortium (DMPC) and a respected healthcare authority, has named Equity Healthcare as one of only six vendors to validly measure healthcare outcomes.

This honor qualified Equity Healthcare for DMPC’s Gold Standard, acknowledging its immediate value and superior trend results compared to national benchmarks from 2009-2011, with cost savings increasing every year. Ever since Blackstone founded Equity Healthcare in 2008 as part of its Portfolio Operations Group, the company has provided customized healthcare cost improvement and management services for portfolio companies owned by Blackstone and other firms.  Equity Healthcare is illustrating how the private sector can play a pivotal role in developing market-based solutions to both improve the quality of healthcare and contain its crippling costs. 

By leveraging its intellectual capital and purchasing clout derived from the portfolio, Equity Healthcare aims to improve the affordability and quality of healthcare through customized, personalized products. As Lewis highlighted, the year-over-year medical claim costs that Equity Healthcare saves directly benefits companies, employees, and their families. The company outperforms national healthcare cost trends, through increased member engagement, improved health, and appropriate case and utilization management.

Equity Healthcare has grown rapidly and currently has close to 300,000 members, making it one of the largest private sector purchasers of healthcare services in the United States. With impactful outcomes that are measured validly, and with the recent return to growth in the U.S economy and strengthening of the PE sector, Equity Healthcare is poised for growth in the future.

A link to Equity Healthcare’s Gold Standard listing can be found here.