Nov 19, 2014

17 Thoughts from Steve Schwarzman on Leadership, Hiring and Building a Business

Yesterday, Blackstone’s Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder Stephen A. Schwarzman was interviewed as part of Stanford Graduate School of Business’s View From The Top speaker series. Below, we’ve collected 17 tweets, directly from members of the audience, highlighting Steve’s personal take on leadership, hiring, and how to build a business.

  1. “As CEO, you have to articulate the core values of your business. Everybody has to know what you stand for.”
  2. “Entrepreneurs need an ability to take rejection. Believe in your basic plan, but be adaptable and keep going.”
  3. “You won’t do well unless you’re hiring people who are consistent with your values.”
  4. “The most important thing with a new business is figuring out why people need you.”
  5. “If you're a '10' in business, you'll be fine. If you can attract a team full of 10s, they'll always make it rain.”
  6. “How many times can you be told you are a loser? Apparently infinite.”
  7. “If you want to create a supportive work environment, don’t praise everyone, build a culture around and comfortability with criticism.”
  8. “I don't know how to interview anybody. You start a conversation. You try to figure out how flexible their minds are.”
  9. “Keep in mind that outside of Stanford and Silicon Valley, people don't actually like change.”
  10. “CEOs have to surround themselves with phenomenal people who share their value system.”
  11. “We encourage people to come forward with different points of view – actually, we demand it.”
  12. “A leader gives employees autonomy and control so they can make use of their gifts.”
  13. “The smart CEOs know they don’t know.”
  14. “Most people want to have ownership of their own growth. As a CEO, your job is to figure out how to make that possible.”
  15. “My advice for entrepreneurs: Have thick skin and friends in the psychology department.”
  16. “No one was born a CEO, it's not a gene. It's a trained behavior. There is a whole skillset.”
  17. On being an entrepreneur: “You have to have great fantasies in life and then fulfill them.”
To watch the full interview, please find the video below: