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Our Top Talent

“At Blackstone we want the best talent, period. So we have created innovative programs to encourage women to start their careers at Blackstone, supporting them before they even get here, with resume and interview workshops; and then once they arrive we arm them with sponsors and a built-in network. I look forward to seeing more women in leadership positions at Blackstone and across the finance and alternative asset management industries at large.”

– Joan Solotar, Senior Managing Director and
Head of Private Wealth Solutions & External Relations

One of our missions at Blackstone is to recruit and retain talented women and in doing so create a strong community of female professionals within the firm.




Future Women Leaders Program

Blackstone’s Future Women Leaders Program brings a high-achieving group of sophomore women to Blackstone’s New York and London office each spring to give participants early exposure to finance and business through interactive information seminars, networking, and critical skill-building sessions. The program is open to current sophomores or second year university students who are interested in exploring a career in the financial services industry.

The comprehensive and interactive two day program includes a welcome dinner with Blackstone’s senior leadership, a firm overview, an interview and resume workshop, a panel with current Blackstone analysts, a networking lunch and one-on-one mentoring sessions with Blackstone professionals. The goal of the program is to educate students on Blackstone and to create opportunities to stay engaged with the firm during the recruiting process.

Paige Muggeridge is a current analyst in Blackstone’s Real Estate (BREP) team who participated in the Blackstone Future Women Leaders program when she was a sophomore. Following her participation in this program, Paige was a summer intern on Blackstone’s Real Estate (BREP) team and joined the firm as a full time analyst after her graduation. To learn more about Paige and her experience with the program, please find a recent interview with her on the right-hand side of the page.

Interview with Paige Muggeridge, Analyst in Real Estate

  • How did you hear about the Future Women Leaders Program?

    I was a member of the Duke Association for Business Oriented Women and it was through this organization that I heard about Blackstone’s Future Women Leaders Program.

  • How did attending the Future Women Leaders program encourage you to apply for an internship at Blackstone?

    Honestly, I loved the people. Not only were they all extremely intelligent, they loved what they were doing! This was a work environment I wanted to be a part of.

  • What advice do you have for women your age who are interested in the Future Women Leaders program / Blackstone / finance generally?

    I would strongly encourage any woman my age interested in finance to apply for the Future Women Leaders Program. Blackstone employees were very helpful in answering all finance-related questions, and were able to talk about their journeys in the finance industry. Overall, it’s a great opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced and intelligent people in the industry – I strongly encourage it!

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Resume and Interview Workshop

At universities across the globe, Blackstone professionals conduct training sessions for undergraduate women designed to prepare them for the Blackstone interview process. At these events, Blackstone’s women provide first-hand advice from their personal and professional experiences as women in finance, as well as their experiences interviewing candidates. In 2015, Blackstone hosted over 20 events and more than 400 undergraduate women attended.

To help you prepare for your interviews, read the full blog post to find the most frequently asked questions from undergraduate attendees, and answers from Blackstone recruiters and professionals.

Student FAQs

  • Should you list your GPA and SAT scores on your resume?

    We encourage you to include your GPA on your resume, otherwise a recruiter may assume the worst. If you have a stronger GPA in your major, we’d recommend that you highlight that. Also, listing relevant coursework taken is always a plus. It is up to your discretion whether to include your SAT scores. If you have very strong and notable scores in all sections, it’s certainly worth including.

  • Should you include activities or skills outside of professional experiences on your resume?

    Absolutely – including extracurricular activities that you are significantly involved in and passionate about is important. You should list all activities in which you have a significant leadership role.

  • Is it appropriate to say that a firm is your top choice in an interview? Should you mention competing offers?

    It is perfectly acceptable to indicate that a firm is your top choice, if it is in fact, your top choice. Be genuine in your interests and follow your passion. It is also fine to be completely honest about the other firms to which you are applying and your reasons for doing so. You should always notify your interviewer or recruiter of any competing offers and offer deadlines so we can be mindful of them as you go through the interview process.

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Blackstone Women’s Network

The mission of Blackstone Women’s Network is to recruit, develop and retain talented women at Blackstone, and in doing so, create a strong community of female professionals within the firm. The Blackstone Women’s Network provides a platform for the community of female employees to connect globally and access career development tools firm-wide.


BX WIN is an innovative program designed for incoming professional women at the analyst and associate level across the globe to create a critical network across Blackstone. Each class is partnered with senior sponsors and team leaders, who regularly meet with participants throughout the year. Through regular networking, training and development opportunities, participants deepen connections with their peers and the firm, exchange ideas and leverage one another’s experience.

“Blackstone has shaped and developed me to be not just a critical and creative thinker, but also an effective leader. Everyone I’ve collaborated with here has worked hard to make me better at what I do.”
Julia Kahr, Senior Managing Director
What drew you to joining Blackstone?
The brand and industry position are unique and outstanding. That got me to the first interview. But it was meeting the people that made me certain this is where I wanted to make my career.
What’s your typical day like?
Every day offers variety, unpredictability and the need to think creatively. My focus ranges from deal sourcing and evaluating investment opportunities to transaction negotiation and structuring, and helping portfolio companies with their operating and financial issues.
What advice would you give potential candidates?
We’re looking for business judgment, interpersonal effectiveness, intellectual horsepower and most importantly, strong commitment. Don’t take yourself out of the running if you have a non-traditional background.
“At any moment anyone else is willing to help you with something whether or not it benefits them or furthers their career... It’s all about being a good team player.”
Kathleen McCarthy, Senior Managing Director
“I knew that people at Blackstone would be smart and hard working, but I was surprised by the collegial atmosphere in the real estate group. The team truly likes each other and enjoys working together and this creates a pleasant work environment.”
Alexandra Hill, Managing Director
What makes Blackstone a unique place to work?
Blackstone has a unique blend of demand for excellence and high quality of life that I have not been able to find elsewhere. The real estate group values success but also places huge value on integrity and personal character.
What assignments/ deals have been most rewarding?
As a liaison with our limited partners I often have the privilege of working with our high profile partners, which is always challenging and rewarding. I am also fortunate that, being on the front lines with our partners, I am often (undeservedly) the recipient of praise for our investment decisions. It is very rewarding to be acknowledged for helping to achieve an increase in a portfolio that will ensure that pensioners have benefits upon retirement.