Meet Us at the Grace Hopper Celebration 2018 and Learn How Blackstone Empowers our Technologists


Our Top Talent

"At Blackstone we want the best talent, period. So we have created innovative programs to encourage women to start their careers at Blackstone, supporting them before they even get here, with resume and interview workshops; and then once they arrive we arm them with sponsors and a built-in network. I look forward to seeing more women in leadership positions at Blackstone and across the finance and alternative asset management industries at large."

-Joan Solotar, Senior Managing Director and Head of External Relations & Multi-Asset Investing

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Innovations Team

Blackstone Innovations is the technology team at Blackstone, providing our employees and investors with the information and tools we need to grow. Serving these internal and external clients, we build cutting-edge and easy-to-use systems that manage risk, create efficiencies and promote transparency at Blackstone and within the broader community of investors and portfolio companies.

Our open, iterative design process is coupled with a rapid pace of development to foster a competitive advantage for Blackstone through the use of technology. We are a fast-paced meritocracy that thrives on the sharing of ideas, facilitating individual growth and creating a fun, open team environment.


We are excited to be part of the Grace Hopper conference this year and will be conducting interviews for our 2019 full time and internship programs.


Nancy Ding

Nancy is a Business Analyst focusing on the Real Estate Team at Blackstone. She works with acquisitions, asset management and finance teams to design in house products, identify process improvements, collaborate with the engineers and discover new technology opportunities. As part of the women’s committee, she works to help enhance Blackstone’s diversity and attract top talent.
Alexa Rockwell

Alexa is a Software Engineer at Blackstone and a member of the Niagara team. Day to day, she deals with complex financial waterfall calculations, implementing design patterns, optimizing performance, and fixing bugs. As a new hire, she is eager to develop her skills and advocate for diversity in the workplace.
Malini Agarwal

Malini recently joined Blackstone as a Campus Recruiter where she is focused on undergraduate recruiting for Innovations (Technology Division at Blackstone), Private Wealth Solutions, Alternate Asset Management, Corporate Finance, and External Relations. Additionally, she is focused on bringing in diverse talent to the firm and looks forward to meeting everyone at the Grace Hopper conference.
Daniel Nolan

Dan is the Engineer Productivity Lead at Blackstone. He ensures that Blackstone's engineering team has access to the tools, processes, and training they need to their most effective. He works closely with Blackstone's globally distributed teams to ensure a consistent high quality development process for all of Blackstone's engineers.
Punit Naik

Punit is a Lead Engineer at Blackstone and a member of the Blackstone Innovations leadership team. He guides recruiting, system design/architecture, technical designs, along with direction and strategy. He oversees the implementation aspects of the technical direction and strategy set by Blackstone's Chief Architect, ensuring technical excellence.